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"Our pup Chancellor has stayed at Oregon Dog Camping for two different vacations, amounting to a total of 3 and a half weeks. When I brought him back the second time, he started squealing with excitement because he recognized his home away from home. Chancellor, who regularly has separation anxiety, is not remotely sad to be left at camp. And he gets an average of 4 to 6 miles of running a day! It is entirely a kennel free camp which is perfect for my boy who is extremely active. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. I wouldn't take him anywhere else."

"Our dog Henry has been to Oregon Dog Camping many many times over the last 4 years and every visit is better and better. Rhonda and family treat all their guests like family. These dogs live like Kings and Queens during their stay, running about, getting muddy, playing with sticks and balls. Henry sleeps for 2 days straight when he gets home, we joke that he pulls all-nighters with his pals. Vacation for our family is so more relaxing knowing our Henry is not in a kennel, but free to run and have fun. He loves it, we love it! Thank you King Family

"Our dog has been 'glamping' here for years and absolutely loves it!!! He is usually so worn out, we have to pick him up to get into the car!!! Such a great place and the price is perfect!!" - Jay and Mandy

"It is not uncommon to find 1 or 2 new temporary family members at any time I visit. These guys/gals (dogs) are always very comfortable with their surroundings and treated as special as if they were their own. Just like people, the Kings treat their dog company as family. I have become pretty familiar with some of the "regulars" that come for both "camping" or with their parents for "people visits" and I have never seen a dog that showed ANY stress."
— Gretchen

"Duke loves it out there. When we pull up the gravel road he knows exactly what is coming and I can hardly keep him in the car. I don’t think he even cares that I am leaving him again. And when he gets home he is exhausted and sleeps for a couple of days, which is exactly what I need too!"
— Stephanie

"Where else can I leave my girls where they are welcome in the living room, have acres to roam, wildlife to chase and daily off leash hikes without costing me my mortgage!"
— Mike